3 Ways to Boost Online Customer Engagement

Any business owner will tell you that a loyal customer base is one of the key foundations to their company. A loyal customer will continue coming back over and over again and will hopefully bring some friends in tow!

Engaging with your customers online is an important way to boost brand loyalty as well as take your local business to the next level. In this post I'll share 3 Ways to Boost Online Customer Engagement:


1. Create Great Content

When trying to engage customers online, make sure that you have valuable information available to them that isn’t always a sales pitch. Creating quality blogs and social media content that will educate and interest customers is a great way to do this.

You will find that customers want to engage with businesses in a fun and carefree manner!


2. Be Real

Customers want to know the real you! They want to support and engage with a business that they can connect with on a personal level. Being actively engaged on social media is a great way to show your business' real side and increase the customer experience.

Show them that you are willing to reach them where they are at instead of being the big boss in the office. Show them that your business can relate to them, is always listening, and will even fix something that isn’t quite right!


3. Provide a Consistent Experience

Customers like to know what to expect when they come in contact with your business. Provide a positive and consistent experience across the web in order to remove barriers and create easier opportunities for customers to engage with your brand.

Troubleshoot areas of your business that would cause frustration like a broken website link or a question posted on social media that goes unanswered. A customer that knows that they will always have a good experience, during any interaction with your business, will quickly become loyal to your business.

Customer engagement is a vital tool in growing your business. Making sure that you have a strong customer experience, both in person and online, helps boost customer engagement with your company. Being professional, while also being easily accessible, will help to grow customer loyalty and bring customers coming back for more!