What Is Social Listening and Why Is It so Important?

You don’t realize it but people are talking about your business online right now. Do you know what they are saying?

How you respond (or don’t respond) will directly impact people’s decision of whether or not to do business with you.

In this article, I’ll let you in on how to listen to what’s being said about your brand so you can turn buzz into legit sales.

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What Is Social Listening?

At its core, Social Listening is way of monitoring and engaging in online conversations happening around your business. It involves identifying what your customers are saying about your brand as well as what others are saying about your industry.

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Why Is Social Listening Important?

When you proactively listen to what's being said about your brand online you can engage directly with customers who are already talking about you and, often times, strengthen customer relationships and build stronger trust and loyalty.

Social Listening is a unique way to provide exceptional customer care, protect your brand’s online reputation, and even invite people into your sales process.

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How Can Social Listening Help My Small Business?

Social Listening helps you see the bigger picture of your small businesses’ impact and online reach. When you’re more in tune with your audience and their needs you can 1. strengthen your social media and marketing strategy, 2. provide exceptional customer care, 4. protect your brand’s reputation online, 4. proactively answer questions other people might have before they even ask, and 5. invite people into your sales process.

Are you listening to what’s being said about your small business online?