Huson Creative Joins Squarespace Circle

Huson Creative is proud to become a Squarespace Circle Member!


Squarespace is an awesome website platform that we use to build professional websites. It is flexible, integrates powerful features, and easy for our clients to use and maintain.

What is Squarespace Circle and How Does it Help You?

Squarespace Circle is a community that Squarespace put together for creative professionals who build websites on their platform. In other words, it's Squarespace for the pros! Whether you need a new website for a business, brand, project, hobby, band, organization, or something else, we've got you covered. As a Squarespace Circle Member, we have access to additional professional tools, features, and support which help us provide more options, a better experience, and better websites for our clients!



Extended Trial Periods

Anyone can try out Squarespace for free, with no credit card required, for a two-week trial period (which is awesome!). As a Squarespace Circle Member, we have a six-month trial period that allows us to take our time and properly set up, design, and launch websites for our clients without having to be concerned about a ticking time clock. The six month extended trial period feature gives our clients even more confidence when choosing us to make their website as it provides the additional space needed to properly design and launch an effective website.


Efficient Customer Support

When our clients have questions, we like to have answers. If there is ever a question we don't know the answer to we turn to Squarespace's Customer Care team (Squarespace has an incredible Customer Care team!). As a Squarespace Circle Member, our account is marked so that the Customer Care specialist knows we are experienced professionals who work with their products regularly. Knowing this allows them to more efficiently help us address and resolve any questions, or issues, that may arise. Having an incredible support team behind us allows us to provide even better customer service to our clients and we love that!


Updates, News, Member-Only Material

Not everyone needs (or wants) to know when Squarespace releases product updates, bug fixes, and other announcements. We do! We receive exclusive updates regularly, directly from Squarespace, that help us stay at the forefront of great web design and allow us to quickly adapt new features, industry standards, and continue to improve the high-quality websites we provide for our clients. We have access to member-only material that helps us keep our skills sharp and provide better business practices using Squarespace.



The Circle Community

We love having tons of tricks up our sleeves! Being a part of the Squarespace Circle Forum allows us the unique opportunity to connect with other creative professionals using Squarespace and learn new ways to wow our customers! We work a ton behind the scenes to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest so that our clients receive the best results possible. When they win, we win.


Becoming a Squarespace Circle Member has allowed us to diversify our services, provide even better customer service, and continue making beautiful high-impact websites for our clients. We invite you to take a look at some of our previous work and consider us to make your next website, upgrade your current website, or help maintain and improve an existing Squarespace website. We'd love to become part of your story! Contact us today to start the conversation.