Small Business Social Media Management

Small Business Social Media Management

Delight Customers · Build Community · Grow Business


You want to be posting

but don’t have the expertise or time

You should be able to focus on growing your business and not worry about trying to keep up on your social media. You deserve to have a great social media presence.


This is for:

  • small businesses, startups, individual brands who don't have a creative team (perfect for: physical therapists, landscapers, veterinarians, independently owned businesses, etc)

  • businesses who don't have the time to learn and manage social media themselves

  • companies with less than 10 employees



When You Get Social:


Your business becomes easy to discover and stay connected to.


Your relationship with customers strengthens, building trust and loyalty.


Your customers know their loved and you get to live out your dreams!


Meet Joseph Huson

I don’t just care about your customers. I care about you.

About Joseph Huson

"Now it is easier for others to find us online which gives us an opportunity to help many more." — Michael Reed, Chiropractic Clinic Owner, Waukegan, IL

"I was frustrated with social media. Now I am able to relax and not worry about our social media being kept up to date." — John Ewell, Founder of Anchor Ministry, Gig Harbor, WA

excited small business owner



In the next 3-5 days, you can have a completely refreshed and active social media presence, a plan that works and a communication funnel to finally break through the social barrier.

Most small business owners struggle to keep up on their social media. I created a plan that helps companies like yours stay engaged online so they can focus on growing their business.



What You’ll Get

  • An established, professional social media presence on the platforms where your customers spend time every day; your business will be engaging with existing customers and make a great impression for future customers.

  • A professional with a plan, working alongside you and for you, who has you and your customers’ best interest in mind, navigating the waters of social on your behalf so you don’t have to.

  • Complete confidence and peace of mind that your social media is consistent and healthy and that all of the right pieces are in place for building a strong online community.



Next Steps


DESCRIBE | Tell me all about your business


IDENTIFY | Identify your social media plan


ENJOY | Enjoy running your business!



Your Investment:


What’s the cost of not having a solid social media presence?

Are customers forgetting about your business? Is your business difficult to discover online? Are customers choosing more connected competitors?

Thankfully, not every business owner struggles with these questions. You may be here because you do. And that’s okay but it’s time to change that.

How many more hours and dollars are you going to spend trying to do social media yourself? How much of your reputation are you willing to risk by leaving it in the hands of an inexperienced friend or staff member?

It’s tiring and costs thousands of dollars to hire, train, and oversee someone on payroll. You should be able to easily connect with your customers online by relying on somebody like me to seamlessly manage all of your social media accounts.

There are likely thousands of people who live near you and want to buy the products and services you offer. When they search online, they make a millisecond decision whether or not to do business with you based on what they see (or don’t see). How much is a good first impression and strong relationship with your customers worth to your business?

If you're ready to finally make social media a reality, grow your business and create a community around your brand, then please contact me today!

Huson Creative Social Media Plan: Business
Huson Creative Social Media Plan: Business Plus



Let’s Make It Happen

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Take the weight of social media off your shoulders with a simple phone call. In just 20 minutes we’ll discuss your business goals and needs and see if my social media management is the right fit for you.


Fill out this form ASAP and you’ll be able to:

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  • Get peace of mind knowing your social media will be done right

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