Scheduling Instagram Posts Just Got Easier

You're sitting down to plan out your social media calendar. You're hard at work writing up content, finding just the right image and video to share to your audience and the time comes to schedule out all of your hard work. Facebook...done! Twitter...done! Google+...done! Instagram...EEK!!! Ring a bell?!

photo via Hootsuite

photo via Hootsuite

While you truly can't "set it and forget it", Hootsuite has taken one step closer towards scheduling Instagram posts. Hootsuite announced yesterday that the new Hootsuite Dashboard for Instagram allows users to "publish posts to Instagram immediately or schedule them to publish at a later time". They also went on to say that Instagram was "the social network requested by more of our users than any other." That says a lot about the impact of Instagram in the social media world.

With the new Hootsuite Dashboard for Instagram, you can publish and schedule Instagram photos using your Hootsuite account. When it's time for your Instagram to post, you receive a notification on your smartphone app that brings your post into the native Instagram app for editing and posting.

This brings some serious productivity to the table!

What makes this process quick is that Hootsuite automatically copies your pre-written caption to your clipboard so all you have to do is hold down, "PASTE" and send. This brings some serious productivity to the table!

In addition to publishing and scheduling, there are some other useful features on the Hootsuite Dashboard for Instagram: you can monitor your feed, engage with your audience with likes and comments, keep an eye on your favorite hashtags, see the latest photos you've liked and even work on Instagram posts as a team.

We think this is an exciting feature

Like we said, you can't just set it and forget it, but what you can do is pretty cool and can save a lot of time. We think this is an exciting feature and we're looking forward to exploring how it brings more efficiency to what we're doing for our clients. Thanks for reading and remember to #ThinkHusonCreative!

Are you excited for the new Hootsuite Dashboard for Instagram? Are you one of the users who's been waiting for this feature to come along? Is there another feature you're dying to see come out? Share below and follow us on Instagram! @husoncreative