How to Make a Great First Impression Online

Many small businesses make their first impression to potential customers without even realizing it. A visitor will quickly decide what they think of your business by searching online, previewing your social media profiles, or checking out your website.

Here are 3 ways that your small business can make a great first impression online:


Bring Your Story Online

As a small business owner you have a story to tell! You started the business because you saw a need and wanted to fulfill that need within your community. Engaging with your customers in person can be easy because you are right there: your staff, your brand, and your product are all factors that help a customer decide to work with you. However, making a great first impression online can often be more difficult as you strive to transcend that same overall feeling across the web.

As you bring your story online, it's important to clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. Create and maintain consistency in branding and speak your brand's specific style and voice so that no matter where people discover you online, they are getting the same message and positive impression. Telling your story online helps build professionalism and trust while showcasing your amazing business!

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Have a Professional Website

A modern and professional website that is skillfully crafted and easy for visitors to use will attract and engage more customers and give you an edge against the competition. It also allows you to showcase your business while communicating your values and voice all at the same time. One important aspect of having an effective website is ensuring that it's responsive so that it looks (and works!) great on any device57% of customers view websites on their mobile device rather than on their desktop. The world has gone mobile. Make sure your business does too!


Get Social

Social media now plays a huge role in today’s business world. Companies have learned that they can connect and engage with customers in a way that was never available before. Getting your business established on multiple social media platforms not only makes it easier for people to discover you but also keeps your business on your customer’s minds throughout each week. It’s vital to post consistently and actively engage with your social media community. This shows people who discover your profiles that you are listening and care about your customers.

Make sure to give away valuable content that’s related to your products/services and improves your customer’s lives. Know when and when not to self-promote.

Businesses can quickly succeed or fail in making a great first impression online within seconds of engaging with a potential customer. Creating an active online presence that’s easy to discover is important in being approachable to customers. Follow these tips and don't give potential customers reason to move on to your competitors!