How to Keep Your Small Business on People's Minds

I was recently on a road trip with my family when we noticed a billboard for McDonald's. As we continued down the freeway we saw another McDonald's billboard... then another... and another. Before I knew it, we were starting to get hungry (wonder why?!) and approaching dinner time. When the time came for us to stop and eat, where do you think we went?


We had passed hundreds of restaurants before we got off the freeway and I'm sure a lot of them were great. However, McDonald's was the restaurant that ended up getting my business that day. Their brand repetition kept them on the forefront of my mind. This wasn't by accident. They were intentional about meeting me right where I was at and giving me a path to come right to them. (Delicious McBreakfast Anytime, EXIT 33!) Believe it or not, using Social Media for Business is very similar.

52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. (Pew Research). The average social media user maintains five accounts. (Link Humans).


We know people spend a significant amount of time on social media. There are currently 1.71 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook alone. The trend is only increasing as more and more people across the globe move to using smartphones. Is your business there? Is your business going to your customers and potential customers and proactively engaging on social media?

By having an active presence on multiple social media platforms you're able to meet your customers right where they are at, engage with them, and keep your brand right in front of their eyes and under their thumbs. Thus, keeping your small business on people's minds. When the time comes for them to want or need the products and services you offer, they think of YOU!


96% of small business owners/marketers use social media marketing, and 92% of those agree or strongly agree with the phrase, “Social media marketing is important for my business.” (Social Media Examiner).

Social Media Marketing has become a vital aspect of doing business these days. If you aren't investing into this area of your business, the time to start is now and Huson Creative can help! We've made it easy for small businesses to have an active and awesome social media presence without needing to become social media experts themselves.

Presence, repetition, patience, and consistency all play major roles in keeping your small business on people's minds. There is a reason so many companies are investing into their social media presence as a marketing strategy... they want my business, they want your business, and it works! They don't want me to go to their competitors. They want me to walk through their doors and drive through their drive-thru!

Has this ever happened to you?! Has a billboard ever made your mouth water so much you eventually got off the freeway and chased the restaurant down? Leave your comments below, we'd love to hear your story!